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My name is Ciera Day and I was born and raised in Burlington, NC. I graduated from Williams High School (2003). I am the mother of two amazing boys who light up my life. After the Doctor’s told me that I would not have children, God saw a different path for me and he blessed me with two of the most caring, loving little boys. I have obtained a Master of Science degree in criminology and I have been involved with Law Enforcement for over 15 years. I have worked at the Federal, State, and Local levels of Criminal Justice Programs.
I recently have developed a love and passion for nutrition and fitness. I had gained so much weight after my divorce and I lost myself. My highest weight was 228. So, I decided to try a program that my cousin has developed. On this program I lost over 83 pounds and I have maintained this weight loss, so my cousin has taught me and certified me to train others like I have been taught and I want to help women gain themselves back. So, I developed GLO Vision after my father passed. I was at the lowest place in my life after losing my best friend and I got up and asked God and my family what is my purpose for being here.
So, I got up and started working out and pushing this nutrition, I even decided to go back to school and become a certified trainer and nutritionist. I found my calling to motivate and empower women, even all who want to gain that motivation and determination to keep pushing to their goals. There was a time when I stated that I was going to quit it all because no one was interested or viewing the video, but then I spoke to a friend who stated that the videos were motivating them, so I continued to push and I complete them every day, even on days when I feel like I can’t---I do. I do have a story to tell about my life, but when the time is right, I will reveal it all so that I can reach more women who may be dealing with the same issues that I am.
So, to sum this all-up: If I touch one life or help one person GAIN SELF BACK...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! So---WELCOME TO THE GLO MOVEMENT…. Let us Be blessed and a blessing together. (B3)

G.L.O. Gaining to Love Oneself (TO WIN)


To light or reignite a fire that may have been dimmed or blown out…..GLO UP!!!!


GLO was developed because we must grow from fear and standing still. GLO believes that Faith without works is dead. Standing on faith is what has bought me through so much bad that has been in my life and to be able to grow and learn so that we can develop new ways for all women to WIN. We are Queens and no one should be able to tip our crowns, instead straighten the crown and keep pushing to win to the finish line.

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