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The Power of Grief

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Grief was the driving force behind me creating this GLO company. I was at a dark place in my life after I lost my dad. I was a true daddy’s girl. Grief has been my driving force for the continued push and drive that I have. When we found my dad and I found out he had left me, I felt my soul and heart had been ripped out of body. I went into a deep depression: not eating, not sleeping, not wanting to continue.

Then one day I cried so hard and I was alone at home and I heard my dads voice telling me to get up and JUMP. Still holding onto my Dad's voice and knowing he would never steer me in the wrong direction, I got up and jumped. It was as though my Dad was right beside me. It was as though he knew if I didn't get up and get moving I would be with him much sooner than he would want. My Dad wanted me to live my life and to be strong through any challenge. Him telling me to jump was his way of telling me to simply put one foot in front of the other and live. I kept jumping, moving, and working my way towards physical health and healing from his loss.

From this newfound drive to move, I developed GLO. I have opened a boutique and now I am gaining momentum within the nutrition and fitness aspect of the company. I have learned that grief can either make you or break you, and I Ciera Day has decided to allow losing this important pillar in my life to make me develop and grow this empire. What will you allow grief to do for you?

#grief #healing #motivation

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